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Donald Wink



  • Higher Ed: Science, Higher Ed: Education 


Donald J. Wink is Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is also a member of the UIC Learning Sciences Research Institute and Director of Graduate Studies for its Ph.D. program. He was trained in chemistry at the University of Chicago (S.B.) and at Harvard University (Ph.D.) His work in chemical education includes a preparatory chemistry and intermediate algebra curricula and resulted in the publication of the preparatory chemistry text, The Practice of Chemistry and the development of scenario-based laboratory instruction, resulting in the lab text Working with Chemistry. More recently he has collaborated in bring research into the first and second year college curriculum within the Center for Authentic Science Practice in Education, an NSF-funded Undergraduate Research Collaborative. In K-12 education he has worked with preservice teachers, especially in an integrated science curriculum, and outreach work with a GK-12 project that contributed to his work a co-PI and chemistry course coordinator for the Inquiry to Build Content program for the Chicago Public Schools' High School Transformation project. 


Inorganic Chemistry; Chemistry Education; Learning Sciences 


In chemistry education and learning sciences:
  • "Inquiry and Connections in Integrated Science Content Courses for Elementary Education Majors," by Maria Varelas, Roy Plotnick, Donald Wink, Qian Fan, and Yvonne Harris, J. Coll. Sci. Teach., 2008, 37(5), 40-47.
  • "Pennies and Eggs: Initiation into Inquiry Learning for Pre-service Elementary Education Teachers," by Donald J. Wink and Jeong-hye Hwang Choe, J. Chem. Educ., 2008, 85, 396-398.
  • "Bringing Standards-based Chemistry Instruction to an Urban School District," by Donald J. Wink, Patrick L. Daubenmire, Sarah K. Brennan, and Stephanie A. Cunningham, Chemistry and the National Science Education Standards, 2nd Ed., Stacey Lowery Bretz, Ed., 2008. ( )
  • "Fostering Pre-Service Teacher Identity through Student-Initiated Reflective Projects," by Donald J. Wink, Julie Ellefson, Marlynne Nishimura, Dana Perry, Stacy Wenzel, and Jeong-hye Hwang Choe, Feminist Teacher, 2009, 19, 31-46.
  • "Inquiry-based and research-based laboratory pedagogies in undergraduate science" by Gabriela C. Weaver,* Ciann B. Russell & Donald J. Wink, Nature Chemical Biology, 2008, 4, 577-580 (Commentary).

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