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John Baldwin



  • Higher Ed: Mathematics 


Ph.D. & 1971 & Simon Fraser University (Canada)
M.A. & 1967 & University of California, Berkeley
B.S. & 1966 & Math/Phil., Michigan State University

1973 to 2008 Asst. Assoc. Full Professor UIC

Grant support for both research and math education work



mathematical research area: logic over 100 papers and two books

Work with teachers and math education for over 20 years. 


5 Publications in Mathematics Education:

1. Geometry and Proof, Second International Conference on tools
for teaching logic,University of Salamanca, 2006. 5--9

2. Encouraging Cooperative Solution of Mathematics Programs (with Roberta
Dees, David Foulser, and David Tartakoff) Primus III(1993) 198-296.

3. Three Mathematical Cultures in Changing the Culture: Mathematics Eduation in the Research Community, edited by Naomi Fisher, Phil Wagreich and Harvey Keynes, CBMS Issues in Mathematics Education, vol 5. (1995) 17-30.

4. An American Example of High School-University Cooperation -
Proceedings of a Conference at Kobe U. March 1994 (with Roberta Dees)

5. $P$ is not Pizza: Variables from grade 3 to 13 (with Hyung Sook
Lee and Alexander Radosavljevic) (to appear: ISCRME Proceedings

5 Publications in Logic:

1. Categoricity, University Lecture Notes (51) American Mathematical Society 2009

2. {V}aught's Conjecture, Do uncountable models count?,
Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, 48(2007),

3. The metamathematics of random graphs, Annals of Pure and
Applied Logic 143 (2006) 20-28.

4. $^{\perp}{N}$ as an abstract elementary class, (with
Paul Eklof and Jan Trlifaj), Annals of Pure and Applied Logic (149)2007

5. Categoricity, Amalgamation, and Tameness, (with Alexei Kolesnikov), Israel Journal of Mathematics, (170) 290